The Marriage Tree Book

Can Trees Teach Us How To Grow A Beautiful Marriage?

What if it were possible to learn some profound marriage truths from something as timeless and simple as a tree?
What if you could learn how to grow a beautiful marriage by understanding the ways in which trees grow and thrive?
We hear someone say, "You can't have the fruits without the roots," and we immediately have some understanding of what is being communicated. Or, we tell a kid that he is "growing like a weed." Does that kind of analogy communicate something important?
Can learning to have a great marriage be that simple as well?
We believe it can, and The Marriage Tree book will show you how.

We are Brad & Tami Miller from Tandem Marriage, and we wrote The Marriage Tree for you, but we wrote it for us too!

There has never been a book like The Marriage Tree!
The Marriage Tree book is both beautiful and beneficial as it weaves analogies of growth and beauty through a journey of some of the most breathtaking images you have ever seen. You won't forget what you see, read, and learn in this book.

And your marriage will be better because of it!

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Trees Are Simple To Understand

Who hasn't planted a seed, watered a tree, or cut some flowers? In The Marriage Tree, we take these easy-to-understand object lessons and apply them simply and beautifully to a growing and thriving marriage.

Analogies help us take timeless truths about the things we know and understand and apply those same truths to something new and different, our marriages in this case.

Trees Grow, And So Should We

All healthy things in life grow. Your marriage is either growing healthier or unhealthier – and you have a bigger part than you realize in deciding which way things go.

It is always tragic when we learn that a couple sincerely believes they have no control over the state of their marriage. You have more control than you think, and we will show you how to use that control for your benefit in The Marriage Tree.

Trees Provide Safety And Refuge

By design, healthy trees provide safety and refuge to many of the critters who thrive in that area. Your marriage should be no different and can provide safety and refuge to any and all who come in contact with you.

A beautiful and healthy marriage is indeed beautiful. The two people who make up that marriage know it and enjoy it. And the people around this couple know it and enjoy it too. Don't you want a beautiful marriage?

Here are three ways that you can make a difference with The Marriage Tree book.


Give The Marriage Tree Book As A Gift

When we designed this book, we intended for it to be beautiful — more like a coffee table book, than a read-it-and-forget-it kind of book. Do you want to impress and surprise your favorite couple for their wedding, Christmas, anniversary, or just for fun? Gift them The Marriage Tree!


Enjoy The Marriage Tree For Yourself

Imagine getting this book for you and your spouse, to read together, to enjoy together, then to proudly place on your table where you can both be reminded of the timeless truths you learned together. This book is intended to be enjoyed again and again by all who read it.


Raise The Tide In Your Community

We often say, "a rising tide raises all ships" because we believe this applies to marriage as well. Could The Marriage Tree start a movement in your home, your family, your community group, or in your city to raise the bar on marriages?
We think it can.
Let's do this!

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